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Business celebrates first PhD

Dr. Wieslaw Kubiak and Behzad Hezarkhani.


By Jennifer Kelly

Behzad Hezarkhani is set to become the Faculty of Business Administration's first PhD graduate.

He recently defended his thesis, titled Transshipment in Decentralized Supply Chains, at a final oral examination and will receive his doctorate at fall convocation.

"As the first graduate of the PhD program, Behzad Hezarkhani sets a high standard for both quality of research and timely thesis completion, for all the successive graduates from the program," said Dr. Wieslaw Kubiak, university research professor and Mr. Hezarkhani's supervisor. "The novel research results obtained in his PhD thesis and the prestigious Doctoral Thesis Scholarship awarded to Mr. Hezarkhani by the Canadian Purchasing Research Foundation, illustrate that our students can successfully compete with students from well-established PhD programs across the country."

"I am very proud to be the first PhD graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration," said Mr. Hezarkhani. "It is a thrilling experience to go down a path that nobody has ever taken. I would have not been able to achieve this without the sustained support of Faculty of Business Administration, in particular my eminent supervisor, Professor Wieslaw Kubiak."

Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, associate dean of research and director of the PhD program, noted that this is an important moment for the Faculty of Business Administration and that it "represents the beginning of harvesting the fruits of many years of hard work by many people."

Dr. Parsons also acknowledged those who supported the faculty's program.
"This is an appropriate time to thank all those who played a role in establishing the PhD program, including the previous and current deans, and many faculty who served on committees tasked with developing the program."

The external examiner, Dr. Moshe Dror of the University of Arizona, noted that Mr. Hezarkhani's research "constitutes not only three separate fine, publishable pieces of work, but also has an underlying unifying theme of the transshipment problem linked to both cooperative and non-cooperative economic games."

Mr. Hezarkhani's research has already led to several high-quality publications in outlets such as the European Journal of Operational Research, Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services, International Journal of Management Practice, and the Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science.

Mr. Hezarkhani plans to continue his research on supply chain management and also collaborate with industry to solve complex managerial and operational problems.

For now, however, the soon-to-be Dr. Hezarkhani is relishing the outcome of four years of hard work.

"It is very gratifying to be approved by the people whom you look up to," he said. "It is not just a myth – dedication actually pays off."