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Conrad Collier of the Coast of Bays Corporation stands in front of floating aquaculture cages.


Yaffle, Memorial's online connecting tool is full of big ideas looking for someone to take them on. Here's one of them.

The problem:
Over the next few years, Conrad Collier of the Coast of Bays Corporation anticipates a curious challenge for his region: too much success!

"Aquaculture has been on the go here since 1985. It's essentially the greatest driver of our economy right now," he said. "Even with almost 13,000 metric tons in annual production, this region is a long way from hitting our capacity. We've got a number of companies out here who are planning expansions."

Along with expansion comes jobs, but who will fill them, and where will the new employees live?

A large number of the region's residents are already employed in the industry. With the need for more workers, Mr. Collier is looking to the future, assessing the labour market and doing his best to figure out the impact that increased success will have on both the economy and the small, rural communities that make up the region.

The project:
"We have anecdotal evidence of the importance of the aquaculture industry here, but we need to put a quantitative value on it, and better understand its socio-economic impacts," explained Mr. Collier.

He's looking for a Memorial researcher with a strong economics and business background to assess the role of the industry in the economy and social structure of the region, with an eye to the future.

The researcher will probably want to spend a bit of time in the region, getting to know the people who make the industry work, but most of the work afterwards should be able to be done remotely.

Are you a graduate student or researcher with an economics background who has a taste for fresh fish?

Contact Bojan Fürst ( or 864-2120) at the Harris Centre to get involved with this, or any other, Yaffle project.