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MI announces new training and education office in Nunavut

From left, Carey Bonnell, head, School of Fisheries; Craig Parsons, director, Community Based Education Delivery Unit; and Glenn Blackwood, executive director.


By Darcy MacRae

The Marine Institute’s Community Based Education Delivery (CBED) unit has been making waves recently, announcing a new director and a new office in Nunavut.
Long-time Marine Institute employee Craig Parsons has been named director of CBED and started the position on March 28.

He has worked in a variety of roles at MI over the years, starting as a marine and offshore safety instructor in 1990.

Mr. Parsons has also served as a program chair, co-ordinator of programs, assistant director and an interim director. Most recently, he was the assistant director of programs at the Offshore Safety and Survival Centre, where he was responsible for the management and supervision of more than 25 instructional and program support staff.

The Community Based Education Delivery unit is part of MI’s School of Fisheries. The unit specializes in bringing training and education to rural centres throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and recently, communities in Nunavut. The addition of Mr. Parsons to CBED will help the unit take community-based training to another level.

“The staffing of this position will add stability and experience to our community-based activities, which have become a significant area of growth for the School of Fisheries and the Marine Institute,” said Carey Bonnell, head, School of Fisheries. “Our goal is to establish CBED as the leading community based training unit in Canada for the marine industries. Adding a qualified individual such as Mr. Parsons greatly aids our efforts in this regard.”

Mr. Parsons, a former Marine Institute nautical science student, says CBED already plays an important role in many Newfoundland and Labrador communities, and adds he looks forward to helping the centre make even further advances in rural areas in the future.

The Community Based Education Delivery unit is also in charge of facilitating a number of projects in Nunavut, primarily to do with training but also with a recent focus on research and development.

To support these initiatives, the Marine Institute is piloting an office in Iqaluit, Nunavut. This office will work closely with the Nunavut Fisheries Training Consortium, Nunavut Arctic College, a number of industry groups and the Nunavut Government.

MI’s Randy Pittman has been assigned the role of co-ordinating instructor for the institute’s Nunavut activities.

“The institute has been actively engaged in project activity in Nunavut for several years and has enjoyed great success in training and education in support of the fisheries and marine industries in the North,” said Glenn Blackwood, executive director, MI. “We have three instructors in Iqaluit finishing up training programs at the moment and more like-minded initiatives will begin very soon. We look forward to witnessing the impact CBED will have in the Northern communities and in rural towns across Newfoundland and Labrador.”