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Yaffle your next project

Roxanne Notley

Yaffle, Memorial’s online connecting tool is full of big ideas looking for someone to take them on. Here’s one of them.

The problem:
According to Roxanne Notley, executive director of the Southeastern Aurora Development Corporation in Port Hope Simpson, springtime in Labrador is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

So are the road conditions.

“It’s a 200 kilometre trip from Port Hope Simpson to Cartwright: it should take about two and a half hours total. Yesterday, it took me three and a half hours at an average speed of just 50 kilometres per hour,” said Ms. Notley.

The roads are so poor that along with causing countless broken windshields and punctured tires, Ms. Notley believes they’re driving away business, especially tourists who are intrigued by local attractions like the national historic district of Battle Harbour, but hesitant to subject their cars to the road system.

Ms. Notley believes that the added traffic sure to come with the development of the Labrador Island Transmission Link (now in the environmental assessment stage) may be the last straw for the dirt highways: “with that kind of heavy truck traffic, we wonder what the roads will be able to stand without falling apart completely,” she said.

The project:
Ms. Notley is looking for someone at Memorial to develop an assessment of the impact the new project will have upon road use in the region. That individual would work with groups in the region to conduct research and interviews that would lead to a better picture of the transportation infrastructure in the region.

“We see the highway connecting our region with other regions throughout the province as a major opportunity for our region, but at the same time, economic development needs to be supported by solid, reliable infrastructure,” explained Ms. Notley. “Having a reliable assessment of the potential issues and impacts of increased road use will help us to plan for the future.”

Got a taste for the open (and sometimes bumpy) road? Contact Bojan Fürst ( at the Harris Centre to get involved with this, or any other, Yaffle project.