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Student wins prize for work via distance education

By Heidi Wicks

The Canadian Virtual University (CVU) has recently recognized 10 students across the country for their efforts and achievements in furthering their education through distance education courses and programs.

CVU is an association of public Canadian universities specializing in online and distance education, and collaborating to increase access to quality assured university education. Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) is a founding member.

Last year, over 600 students applied for cash gifts offered in celebration of CVU’s 10th anniversary.

April Brett of Memorial received one of the 10 scholarships of $1,000 for her work in education courses she completed last summer.

“I had started my master’s in education at the time through distance, which was very convenient as I was still working from May to June,” said Ms. Brett. “I intend on taking mostly distance courses for the rest of my master’s program, in order to keep up with my job responsibilities and also successfully complete course work.”

Ms. Brett is a full time teacher, so in between report card preparation, evening events like school concerts and parent-teacher interviews, various other committees she sits on, not to mention high-energy days in the classroom, online courses are much more convenient for her – to say the least.
Ann Marie Vaughan, director of DELT, is a distance learner herself, and recognizes the value in online education.

“I have a five-year-old daughter who demands a lot of attention,” she laughed, “so I completely understand the need for freedom in terms of a schedule, to expand upon your education. People shouldn’t have to put their lives on hold to grow professionally and personally through education, and I’m very proud that DELT is able to help people achieve their dreams.”

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