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Developing a Teaching and Learning Framework

Memorial University is in the process of developing a Teaching and Learning Framework. This framework will:

  • suggest a vision which can guide teaching and learning activities;
  • highlight principles and practices that are known to guide good teaching and effective learning;
  • celebrate our own good practices;
  • identify the current supports for teaching and learning available at Memorial University and gaps in those supports;
  • compile a preliminary list of actions for: (1) addressing gaps identified with respect to teaching and learning activities and (2) enhancing complementarity among teaching, learning, research and community engagement activities.

The process is sponsored through the office of the VPA and led by Doreen Neville, Albert Johnson and a working group. Advisory committees have been established to provide input on key themes including: critical thinking, student centered learning, academic support services, non-academic support services, diversity on campus and abroad, experiential learning, interdisciplinary activities, life long learning, program quality assurance, faculty recognition and complementarity with the research plan and community engagement activities.

The teaching and learning enterprise at Memorial involves the formal teacher-student interaction, the informal faculty – student – staff interaction, and the overall learning environment in the university. Essentially, every unit in the university is involved in some way in the teaching and learning enterprise. In keeping with the culture of the university community, the process of developing the framework will be highly consultative, engaging as many units and people as feasible within the timeline of the project.

The purpose of the discussion paper is to provide a starting point for dialogue about the teaching and learning enterprise at Memorial University. To this end, questions are posed throughout this document, and many more will be raised throughout the consultation process. This document has been posted to the Vice President Academic website,

Individuals are invited to respond to the discussion paper or provide any other comments they wish to make about the teaching and learning enterprise at Memorial University to

In addition, a series of consultations and focus groups will be held with faculty, students and staff at Grenfell, St. John’s, and the Marine Institute. Feedback obtained from individuals and groups, in addition to the input received from the working group, advisory groups, and steering committee, will inform the development of the final document, A Comprehensive Framework for Teaching and Learning at Memorial University.

A complete list of consultations can be found on the vice-president
(academic) website at