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In Brief

Temporary parking areas to provide space during construction

Due to Memorial’s large number of capital works projects currently underway on its St. John’s campus, a number of parking areas are being reassigned to temporary locations.

The ongoing construction requires that some existing parking lots be relocated in order to carry out the work.

These short-term parking sites will be demarcated in several areas. The first of these locations will be in and around Queen’s College, Spencer Hall and Coughlan College. Russell Road is another site that will be adapted to provide temporary parking.

Some green space in these areas will be used for the temporary parking but will be restored once the space is no longer needed.

About 450 parking spaces will be required for the construction work; however, it is hoped that an equal number of spaces will be recreated. The temporary parking locations will be phased out once the new parking garage adjacent to Arctic Avenue is completed in the fall of 2011.

The majority of the temporary parking lots will be available for use by Sept. 1.

Grades error not a problem for university applicants

High school students planning to attend Memorial in the fall are not affected by a recent processing error at the provincial Department of Education.

The department said July 22 that due to a processing error, transcripts received in the mail this week reflect course grades from the previous (2008-09) school year. Final marks for the 2009-10 school year will be mailed in the coming week.

Phyllis McCann in Memorial’s Registrar’s Office said that the Department of Education has yet to send Memorial the feed containing the high school marks. She said the department will forward the feed with the correct marks to Memorial sometime later this month.

English prof to act as honorary editor

Dr. Ronald Rompkey, university research professor in the Department of English, who was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2006, has accepted the position of honorary editor (director of publications) of the RSC for a three-year term, beginning this coming fall.

As honorary editor, Dr. Rompkey will also sit as a member of the RSC’s council. In this position, he will work with two associate editors, each representing one of the official languages, as well as three editors representing each of the three academies (arts, humanities, science).

The honorary editor is responsible to council for all RSC publications. In co-operation with the president, Prof. Roderick Macdonald of McGill University, and the honorary secretary, Prof. Robert Major, vice-president (academic) of the University of Ottawa, Dr. Rompkey will also be responsible for overseeing the society’s website, as well as the RSC News, the design of the annual induction ceremony brochure, the new fellows guide and any documents produced in connection with symposia or expert panels.

The honorary editor acts as chair of the society’s communications committee, which includes the associate editors and the three academy editors.While Dr. Rompkey’s tenure does not officially begin until after the annual general meeting in November 2010, the work required for this position will begin immediately.