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Every little bit counts

On Jan. 12, a catastrophic earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti, south of the capital Port-au-Prince. Thousands of people have died and it is believed that the earthquake has affected upwards of three million people, yet the extent of the devastation is still unclear.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and is seeking assistance of millions of dollars worth of supplies for the victims and to develop a long-term strategy for the impoverished nation.

Haiti’s economy was already suffering before the earthquake; people just do not have money to spend. And at present, the unemployment rate is much higher and inflation rates have increased as well. Haitians are hoping to create opportunity out of the rubble, which means managing the money and supplies that will be pouring in from around the globe. Every little bit counts.

I have to say, I am really impressed by the kind donations that students have been contributing to help Haitians. It is so nice to see students taking the initiative to reach out and aid others in dire need. In fact, Generation Y, people born between 1978 and 1994, are more generous, caring and more likely to dedicate their time and efforts to help those who require assistance, as they exhibit a strong interest in volunteering. This segment focuses on issues that represent the interests of the community rather than of individuals. They are very team orientated and seek new challenges and experiences. Every person counts.

It is comforting to acknowledge that students are willing to dedicate time and resources to assist others. Personally, when I made my donation, I did not feel as though my contribution was enough and I wondered how much of an impact it would actually have. Then I took into consideration the fact that students working together can have a tremendous impact if they just put their minds to it. It is difficult to fathom the idea that a $1, $5 or even $10 donation would be sufficient, but we have to realize that the nation of Haiti has to essentially rebuild itself and you have to start somewhere. Every dollar counts.

Memorial students are indeed doing their part in raising money for Haiti. Several student based and community organizations hosted a benefit concert at the Breezeway to raise money for the relief efforts and there have been many booths set up around campus to facilitate students’ abilities to donate. Every donation counts.

In addition, students are encouraged to text “Haiti” to an advertised number and indicate how much they would like to donate to the Haiti fund and that amount will automatically be charged to their next phone bill. I thought this was a great idea as it is quick, easy, convenient and in keeping with the Generation Y lifestyle. I am certain that this new tactic allowed more students than anticipated to donate. Every student counts.

When a disaster such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake strikes, it pulls at heart strings around the globe. No matter how much you may contribute, somehow you never feel like it is enough. All you can do is reach out and lend a helping hand. Every helping heart counts.