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English student named Global Youth Ambassador

Memorial student Danai Kusikwenyu is being recognized as an inspiring individual whose actions have made a significant contribution towards promoting global citizenship.

She was chosen from among other youth in Atlantic Canada between the ages of 15-30 who have had an impact on both the local and global level. As one of eight individuals selected from the region, Ms. Kusikwenyu will be profiled nationally with other youth leaders across Canada in recognition of her efforts to build a better future.

All Global Youth Ambassadors will lead a team as part of the Active-8! Campaign to promote activities marking International Development Week. This team of inspiring youth are inviting individuals and groups to create an online pledge to take action to create positive change in their communities and around the world. Pledges can be made from now until Feb. 13. The Active-8! Team obtaining the most pledges will win a prize of $1,000.

“Taking part in initiatives is important because it develops character and is vital in this ever-changing and rapidly globalising world. Leading by example has always been an excellent, if not, guaranteed way of inaugurating community change,” said Ms. Kusikwenyu, who is from Zimbabwe and was one of Student Affairs and Service’s Amazing Students in 2009. One of her most outstanding achievements has been to revive the once defunct International Student Resource Centre, which has brought students from different countries together and has helped to build a line of communication between foreign and Canadian students.

“As the president of the largest and most diverse student group on campus, the International Student Center, Danai Kusikwenyu has worked tirelessly to promote the very Canadian concept of multiculturalism,” said nominator Sonja Knutson.

Ms. Kusikwenyu and her team will be encouraging as many individuals as possible to pledge an action towards creating a better world by visiting