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Papers and Presentations

Recent papers from the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Kovacs, Medicine, include Parathyroid hormone regulates fetal-placental calcium transfer and skeletal mineralization. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research; published online Sept. 23, 2009 with print publication to follow. First author is PhD student Charlene Simmonds. Co-authors include Gerard Karsenty (Columbia University) and Anthony Karaplis (McGill). Another paper published recently is titled Pregnancy upregulates intestinal calcium absorption and skeletal mineralization independently of the vitamin D receptor. Endocrinology; published online Jan. 5, 2010; print publication to follow. First author is M.Sc. student Neva Fudge.

Volumes five (Nine Black Doves) and six (The Road to Amber) of the six-volume The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny were published in December 2009. Multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning science fiction/fantasy author Roger Zelazny died in 1995. Dr. Christopher Kovacs, Medicine, has written annotations for the stories and poems and assembled together “author's commentary” following many of the pieces, with the comments taken from interviews and essays across the span of Mr. Zelazny’s career. Many obscure and previously unpublished stories and poems are in this collection; they were obtained by Dr. Kovacs researching and visiting various university archives and other sources. He also researched and wrote a detailed biography of Zelazny’s life (“...And Call Me Roger”: The Literary Life of Roger Zelazny), which runs in six parts, one for each volume. Two excerpts of the biography were published in the literary journal The New York Review of Science Fiction. Information about the books is available at