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Business school leads Atlantic Canada in producing top research

By Meaghan Whelan

Recent analysis shows that Memorial’s Faculty of Business Administration leads Atlantic Canadian universities in the number of articles published in the most influential management research journals. The ranking is based on an analysis of 24 major business journals maintained by the University of Texas at Dallas.

In the past five years, (2004-08), faculty from Memorial University co-authored eight papers in these journals. UNB-Fredericton and UNB-Saint John each had two articles published in these journals during the same period, and no other business schools in Atlantic Canada were represented.

Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, associate dean (research) in the Faculty of Business Administration, said the increased research success is indicative of the priority placed on research within the faculty and the university as a whole.

“The Faculty of Business has worked to create a culture that values research and contributes to management knowledge. By hiring faculty members with strong research backgrounds and creating a PhD in management, we have demonstrated a commitment to creating an engaging, stimulating and supportive intellectual environment,” he said. “That our faculty members are publishing in such high-quality journals is a testament to the calibre of researchers in the Faculty of Business.

An important outcome of this work is that it helps ensure that our students are taught by faculty who are contributing to the state-of-the-art in management theory and practice.”

Faculty of Business researchers are investigating a number of management research questions that have implications for the wider community. Some of the specific research that led to this ranking includes the work of Dr. Wieslaw Kubiak, university research professor, who is researching the best way for manufacturers to roll out their products to reduce production stoppages; Dr. Sherrie Komiak, who is examining how personalization affects what we buy online; Drs. Omrane Guedhami and Jeffrey Pittman who are investigating the importance of IRS monitoring to debt financing in public companies; and Dr. Yuyue (Peter) Song, who is studying the structure of buyback contracts in the context of supply chain management.

“Research by members of our Faculty of Business is shedding light on important issues in business and finance – issues which are relevant to people around the globe,” said Dr. Ray Gosine, vice-president (research) pro tempore. “Readers of these journals will benefit from the fine analysis our faculty have given these topics.”

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