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In Brief

Diplomatic discussions

Memorial hosted the American Ambassador to Canada on Nov. 18.

David Jacobson was on the St. John’s campus to meet with a number of faculty members and graduate students.

Researchers from the Schools of Pharmacy and Music, as well as the Faculties of Engineering and Applied Science, Medicine, Arts, Business Administration and Science took part in discussions with the ambassador.

Dr. Ray Gosine, vice-president (research) pro tempore hosted the event.

“We talked about the diverse research that is taking place here at Memorial and the linkages that work has to the United States,” said Dr. Gosine, who also gave the ambassador an overview of Memorial.

“I think what struck Ambassador Jacobson the most was the diversity of high-quality research at Memorial. He was engaged with our faculty and students and impressed with Memorial. I think we had a very productive meeting.”

Nominations sought for Galbraith

Nominations are currently being solicited for the next Galbraith lecturer. Members of the Memorial University community, as well as of the community at large, are invited to submit the names of individuals with a national or international reputation, who could deliver a lecture on a topic of public policy.

Nominations should contain the name of the proposed speaker and a one-page brief on why this is an appropriate choice. The nomination should also include the name and contact information of the nominator. The deadline is Friday, Dec. 11, and nominations should be addressed to Chelsey Laird, the public policy intern at the Harris Centre or e-mailed

Out of respect for the dignity and reputation of nominees, the selection of the Galbraith lecturer is by nature a confidential process. As a consequence, nominees are not informed that they are under consideration. With the exception of the selected lecturer, the outcome of any individual nomination is not released. As a result, in making a nomination, please ensure that the nominee is unaware of the nomination.

More information about the Galbraith Lecture can be found at

Tragic anniversary

Each year on Dec. 6, members of the Memorial community gather together to remember a day in 1989 that forever shattered the lives of 14 families.

Fourteen female engineering students were killed as they attended class on Montreal’s l’École Polytechnique campus. The massacre galvanized post-secondary institutions across the country to pause for reflection each year since.

This year, the 20th anniversary of the gender-based crime, a vigil will take place on Sunday, Dec. 6, at 6:30 p.m. in EN-2006, where it is held every year.

The event will include a candlelight procession and special readings, and will be emceed by Dr. Kate Bride, a professor of women’s studies.

Marking the anniversary each year represents a time to reflect on the phenomenon of violence against women in our society. It is also a time to reflect on the women and girls who live daily with the threat of violence or have died simply because of their gender.

It is also a day for communities and individuals to reflect on concrete actions that each of us can take to prevent and eliminate all forms of violence against women.

The vigil is organized annually by the Department of Women’s Studies and Memorial’s Sexual Harassment Office.