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Memorial transfers ownership of hyperbaric equipment

By Sharon Gray

Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine has transferred ownership of its Hyperbaric Unit to Eastern Health.

The Hyperbaric Unit, covering an area of approximately 67.5 square metres (750 square feet), contains three chambers interconnected with a “wet pot” that allows simulated in-water deep diving. It is part of the Centre for Offshore and Remote Medicine (MEDICOR), established in 1982 to carry out research and development projects related to all health aspects of offshore oil, marine, diving and space industries, as well as other industries involved with remote operations, environmental stresses or hazards.

Under the transfer agreement, the university retains the right to use the specialized equipment in the Hyperbaric Unit for education and research purposes, but Eastern Health will manage the clinical use of the chamber itself. The facility has increasingly been used to treat patients suffering from a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Eastern Health has paid Memorial University $2 for title to the hyperbaric chambers and has assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment. Memorial will retain ownership of the premises of MEDICOR.

Memorial and Eastern Health have agreed that the primary role of the hyperbaric chamber is clinical and involves both emergency and elective hyperbaric treatment of patients. Memorial retains the right to use the hyperbaric chamber for research and any related teaching and academic purposes, subject to the needs of Eastern Health to fulfill its obligations for patient care.

Eastern Health will be responsible for the employment and management of clinical personnel and other staff or agents providing patient care in the hyperbaric chamber and will be responsible for maintenance of the equipment. Memorial continues to be responsible for security of the premises and the hyperbaric chamber, as well as the employment and management of staff or agents who use the equipment for research, teaching or academic purposes.