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Bottled water free

As one of his first official acts as Memorial University president, Dr. Chris Loomis signed a Bottled Water Free pledge during Orientation 2009 on the St. John’s campus.

The document pledges to eliminate the distribution of bottled water at all university-sponsored events. It also signifies Memorial’s dedication to develop a Water Access Plan to upgrade current infrastructure which will increase access to public drinking water and ensure all new campus buildings include adequate access to public drinking fountains.

“Signing the declaration during orientation reinforces Memorial’s commitment to building a greener, more sustainable campus,” said Dr. Loomis. “We recognize that our tap water is safe and should be used instead of bottled water which carries with it costs and environmental implications.”

Dr. Loomis also said that the response to students’ requests to put an end to the prevalence of bottled water on campus and the pledge to go bottled water free are concrete examples of the university moving forward on its commitment to a sustainable campus and community.