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New law and society program

By Janet Harron

In another first for the Faculty of Arts, a new major in Law and Society will be offered for the first time in the Winter 2009 semester.

The new major will build on the successful foundation of the existing Law and Society minor, which has been offered by the Faculty of Arts for more than 10 years.

The program encompasses many diverse disciplines of study, among them anthropology, history, linguistics, philosophy, political science and sociology.
“Laws are fundamental to any successful society,” said Dr. Reeta Tremblay, who initiated the new major while dean of arts and who is now vice-president (academic) pro tempore.

“Throughout history as communities and countries have struggled to create and nurture robust economies and higher standards of living of their citizens, social and legal institutes have been essential to their efforts. Law and Society is the study of how legal and social systems are interconnected, how people live and how law is woven into communities.”

Ultimately, according to Dr. Tremblay, students will gain an understanding of what happens when legal innovations and institutions succeed and when they fail.

Law and Society is not a pre-law program but aims to introduce students to different facets of law and the role of law in society through the ages.
This is a good example of how an interdisciplinary liberal arts program can act as a stepping stone to many professions, whether students are hoping for a career in law or law enforcement or are simply aiming to become a well-informed member of Canadian society.

This interdisciplinary major program will be offered to candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, in conjunction with a major or a minor in a single discipline.

For further information on the new major in Law and Society, please contact Professor Peter Ayres at or 737-8254.