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H1N1 preparedness planning continues

Memorial’s emergency management team continues to work on a comprehensive plan towards minimizing the impact of the H1N1 influenza virus on all four of its campuses.

Attendance at several information sessions on the St. John’s campus over the past few weeks has been strong, indicating Memorial’s preparedness message is reaching the university community. Those who attend the sessions can take advantage of a question and answer period and will have access to public health professionals.

Emergency Management Co-ordinator Karen Alexander said she believes Memorial is “well prepared” should the H1N1 virus become apparent on campus.

“The university planning process has been able to avail of the expert advice and direction of many people,” said Ms. Alexander. “It is therefore well equipped to respond to an H1N1 outbreak on campus should it occur.”

Upcoming information sessions for students, faculty and staff and other related H1N1 information will be posted at in the coming days. A session at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College was slated for Sept. 23, with Principal Bill Iams and Sue Froude of The Western Regional School of Nursing presenting. Approximately 1,000 people have attended sessions so far.

In addition, H1N1 awareness posters have been put up on all of Memorial’s campuses, reminding people that prevention by hand washing is the best defence against H1N1 and other flu viruses.