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In Brief

Creative fundraiser

Everybody knows that Memorial attracts creative types. So, it should not surprise anybody that one of Memorial’s top fundraisers is actually – a composer.

Jennifer O’Neill has been recently appointed to the position of associate director, Alumni Affairs and Development. In this position, Ms. O’Neill, who previously worked as the senior development officer at the department, will oversee the day-to-day functioning of the development unit and work closely with 11 development officers scattered across Memorial’s schools and faculties.
“I am very happy that Jennifer accepted this position. She has been a terrific assert to us as a senior development officer,” said Dr. Penny Blackwood, director of the Alumni Affairs and Development Office.

Ms. O’Neill is a Memorial alumna, holding a bachelor of music (’98).

She also holds a master’s degree in composition from the University of Calgary (’03).

She comes to the position with eight years of experience in progressively responsible positions in development in both the university environment and the fine arts.

She is also an accomplished composer who continues to pursue her passion for music.

Chemistry scores with SOCCER

The sixth annual Summer Organic Chemistry Conference on Everybody’s Research (SOCCER) was held on Aug. 10-11.

“The SOCCER series was conceived as a means to provide students of organic chemistry at Memorial with the opportunity to gain additional conference experience, to increase awareness of one another’s work and to foster a sense of departmental spirit,” said Dr. Graham Bodwell, a professor with the Department of Chemistry and conference organizer. “The core philosophy of SOCCER is that ‘everybody’ should present, regardless of one’s level, how far into one’s program one may be and how many results one may have.”

The event was sponsored by the Dean of Science, the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Dean of Student Affairs and Services and the Department of Chemistry.

Their support enabled Dr. Bodwell to bring in a keynote speaker, Prof. Toshio Honda of Hoshi University, Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to Prof. Honda’s keynote lecture there were six undergraduate student lectures, twelve graduate student lectures, and one post-doc lecture with a total of 31 people registering.

Undergraduate student prizes were won by Matt Curran and Kathleen Woolridge. Graduate student prizes were won by Guang Chen, Kamrul Hasan, Kiran Unikela and Rajinikanth Lingampally.

Fire alarm triggers response

A transformer burnout in a lighting contactor triggered a fire alarm in the QE II Library last month. The burnout on Aug. 19 took place in a sixth floor mechanical room. A smoke detector in the room activated the building fire alarm system.

With that fire alarm activation, all three elevators in the library are supposed to go to a designated level of the building and stop with the doors open. The two student elevators operated normally however the service elevator did not. Three passengers were stuck inside and the elevator kept cycling between level 5 and level 1.

A technician from elevator contractor ThyssenKrupp arrived and quickly freed the passengers. No one was injured in this incident.

The elevator technician and technicians from Edwards Fire Alarm company subsequently examined the elevators and fire alarm control systems.

The problem with the service elevator was a faulty module inside the elevator controller. This module has been replaced and both the fire alarm system and the elevators are all working normally.