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CAUBO conference rocks the common in St. Johnís

Peter Sheahan was a keynote speaker at the CAUBO conference.

By Shannon O’Dea Dawson

A record number of delegates took the challenge and participated in the 67th annual conference if the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) in St. John's, hosted by Memorial University, from June 12-15.

More than 600 delegates were welcomed to Newfoundland hospitality in a region well known for having to think in uncommon ways to survive and thrive.
The conference explored ways in which universities can be more flexible and innovative to find opportunities in building sustainable competitive advantage.

To begin, a successful pre-conference seminar was coordinated for the first time, highlighting key functional areas. Recipients of the 2010 Recognition Awards and Quality and Productivity Awards were acknowledged and the annual general meeting was held.

Sessions ranged in topics from “the impacts of Dr. Google on universities” to “leading for transformational change in Canadian universities” to “driving innovation, adapting to change and rocking the assumptions which underlie how we do what we do.”

Plenary session keynote speakers included author, journalist, radio personality Michael Harris, president of University of New Brunswick Eddie Campbell, sustainability expert from Yale Julie Newman, and international entrepreneur and author Peter Sheahan.

While in St. John’s, Mr. Sheahan met with Memorial's MBA students to discuss his experience working with clients such as Apple and Google, strategic thinking, Generation Y and ways to set yourself apart in the business world.

Kent Decker, vice-president (administration and finance) and Debbie Collis, director of Financial and Administrative Services, co-chaired the 2010 organizing committee and led a team of 12 Memorial employees to coordinate with CAUBO all sessions, meetings, speakers, social events, green initiatives, and sponsorship activities.

CAUBO is an organization that promotes and supports the professional management and effective leadership in administrative affairs of Canadian universities and colleges. Since 1937, this association represents the interests of administrative and financial officers in Canadian universities and affiliated colleges.