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40-40 vision for alumni

By Bojan Furst

The Globe and Mail’s 40 Under 40 celebration of Canada’s new leaders this year includes two Newfoundlanders and Memorial alumni who found their success right at home.

Christine Healy and Jamie King are not just successful in their chosen fields, but they are also staunch supporters of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Ms. Healy, who works as a commercial adviser to the provincial government, is a master negotiator. She has sat across the table from some of the oil and gas industry’s most powerful executives and walked away with billions of dollars in revenue for the government.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Ms. Healy described the energy projects and the benefits they generate for the province as “game changers.”
Game changing is something that Jamie King, president and CEO of Verafin Inc., knows all about.

A one-time PhD candidate at Memorial looking at robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms, he found himself applying some of his research and skills in money laundering and fraud prevention.

With a couple of classmates from Memorial he founded Verafin — a software company helping financial institution detect, track and monitor fraudulent activities. The company, based in St. John’s, is today among the world leaders in the field.

Doug Caldwell of Caldwell Partners International founded Top 40 Under 40 in order to draw attention to Canada’s up and coming generation of leaders in the broadest possible sense of the world. Over the years the event has recognized people working in fields as diverse as law and medicine, arts and engineering and sports and business.