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Papers and Presentations

Keith Nicol, Geography and Environmental Studies at SWGC, gave a paper titled Avalanche Awareness Programs and the Winter Weather in Newfoundland for 2010 at the annual Canadian Avalanche Association conference. The conference ran from May 4-7 in Penticton, B.C. The talk dealt with the how the unusual winter weather in Newfoundland influenced avalanche activity and also the presented information on avalanche awareness talks that Prof. Nicol to school, university and search and rescue groups in Western Newfoundland.

Dr. Walter Okshevsky (Faculty of Education/Department of Philosophy) presented a paper titled Reconstructing moral competence: David Carr’s Virtue Ethics and Jurgen Habermas’s Discourse Theory of Morality as replies to Kant's Moral Theory at the annual meeting of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (CAFE/CSSE), Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Concordia University, Montreal, QC. May-June 2010. Dr. Okshevsky is past-president of the society after serving two consecutive two-year terms as president.