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Co-op students benefit from new funding

Engineering work term student Dayna Hogan on site at the Institute of Ocean Technology.

By Mandy Cook

Stephenville native and third-year engineering student Dayna Hogan believes she is on track for a successful and satisfying career thanks to some recent additional funding provided by the provincial government.

Under the province’s Youth Retention and Attraction Strategy (YRAS), an extra $470,000 was allotted for work term placements for Memorial’s co-operative education students during the winter 2010 semester – many of them first time engineering work term students.

Ms. Hogan was one of those students. She says her three-month placement at the Institute of Technology (IOT) has already helped guide her on her path to becoming an engineer specializing in ocean and naval architecture.

“My work term experience under the guidance of researchers Antonio Simoes Re and Allison Kennedy has helped me realize what kind of work terms I would like to have for the rest of my degree program,” she said. “I never thought the area of research and development would appeal to me, but I really liked learning from everyone at IOT.”

In particular, Ms. Hogan enjoyed analyzing data taken from an operation testing lifeboats in icy conditions. She said collaborating with IOT staff to find solutions to the problems stood out as one of the more valuable learning opportunities.
An experience such as Ms. Hogan’s is exactly what faculty and staff at the Division of Co-operative Education and Career Development and Experiential Learning aim for and is made possible by the expanded funding commitment provided by YRAS.

Ms. Hogan said she is fortunate to have been exposed to some of the professional aspects of her area of study. She said it would be impossible to discover the appeal of a research and development career in ocean engineering in a classroom environment.

“There are things I couldn’t have learned unless I was in that particular situation. You won’t know until you try it.”