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Construction of new parking structure underway

The provincial government is moving ahead with the construction of a new parking garage next to the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) to help improve some of the current parking congestion at the site.

The new four-storey parking structure will be located in Area 27 of Memorial University, off Arctic Avenue, and will accommodate about 840 vehicles for Memorial University and HSC employees.

In addition to construction of a new parking structure, a new surface parking lot is now located west of Clinch Crescent. The new lot provides over 230 parking spaces. The cost of the parking structure and lot is about $16.6 million.

“Improvements to the parking arrangement at the Health Sciences Complex will address some of the current parking needs at the facility,” said Jerome Kennedy, provincial minister of Health. “Providing dedicated parking for hospital employees, students and staff at the Schools of Pharmacy and Nursing and the Faculty of Medicine will in turn alleviate congestion and make spaces available in the main parking lots for patients and family members who have to visit the Health Sciences Centre.”

“This will be of great benefit to the faculty, staff, and students, especially for the new Genetics Centre and the Faculty of Medicine expansion,” said Ivan Muzychka, associate director (communications), Division of Marketing and Communications.

Mr. Muzychka explained that there will be a significant net gain of about 400 parking spaces as a result of the new parking garage and the new surface parking lot. At the moment there is no breakdown on how the spaces will be allocated, but priorities include the 240 student spaces displaced by the parking garage plus spaces for Faculty of Medicine staff and students displaced by construction of a six-storey building for the Genetics Centre and Faculty of Medicine expansion in Lot 9. Some 200 parking spaces will also be needed for new faculty and staff hired for the medical school expansion and the new medical and graduate students that can be accommodated as a result of the expansion.

Work has begun on the structure, which includes construction of the foundations and engineering design work. The scheduled completion date is spring 2012.