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Papers and Presentations

Dr. Jerome Delaney, an assistant professor of educational administration in the Faculty of Education, did two presentations at the Provincial School Administrators’ Conference in Corner Brook on March 19. The first, titled The Value of Educational Law to Practicing Educators, reported on the results of a recent study examining how educational law impacts the work of teachers and school administrators. The second, High School Student Involvement in Formative Teacher Feedback, put forth a model for involving high school students in helping their teachers become more effective in their classroom practice.

Dr. Amin A. Muhammad, professor of psychiatry, was an invited speaker at a conference at Michigan State University on April 3. He presented a talk on Terrorism and Mental Health-Global Misery. This conference was organized by the university and covered issues of terrorism, violence and stigma associated with mental ill health. A documentary film was also prepared by the Department of Psychiatry, MUN for this occasion.