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In Brief

Funding for applied research available

The Harris Centre is now accepting applications to the Applied Research Fund (ARF).

Open to all Memorial faculty and students, ARF provides up to $15,000 in research funding to projects related to public policy or regional development in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Applications from all departments are welcomed.

This years application deadline is March 19, with successful applicants announced on April 9.

For more information visit the Harris Centre website at­riscentre.

Identifying the Lance Cove 'sea monster'

Researchers from Memorial University and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans will apply state-of-the-art forensic genetics to the identification of a “sea monster” discovered in Lance Cove, Trinity Bay.

The work will be done by Dr. Beth Perry, Genomics and Proteomics lab, and Dr. Steve Carr, Department of Biology, both from Memorial University; and Jack Lawson, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), St. John’s.

Dr. Carr, a noted “blobologist”, said the method involves extraction of DNA from the carcass, “DNA Xeroxing” to increase the DNA concentration, and sequence analysis against a database of large marine animals in the North Atlantic. Test results are expected next week.

The study is part of long-standing joint research between Memorial and DFO into the genetics and evolution of marine species.

Youth and Oceans Conference a big draw

Junior high and high school students from across the Avalon Peninsula came together at the Fisheries and Marine Institute, Feb. 25, for a Youth and Oceans Conference.

The event celebrated the role of youth in marine environmental activity in Newfoundland and Labrador and provided students with thought-provoking presentations and interactive discussions that focused on marine environmental issues representing leadership and career opportunities for youth.

“The speakers were fantastic. They were very informative and spoke out about a lot of important issues,” said Sheena Butler, a Grade 12 student from Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts who attended the Youth and Oceans Conference. “Now we know what we can do to help improve things.”

Ms. Butler was one of many students who took part in the group discussions and question-and-answer periods with the guest speakers. She came to the conference because she has a strong interest in environmental issues and was pleased to see so many other students had similar feelings.

The theme for the Youth and Oceans conference was Sustainable Oceans: It’s now or never. Carey Bonnell, head of the School of Fisheries, provided the host address while Bob O’Brien, founder and former chair of Ocean Net, also took to the podium to address the young students.

Another Youth and Oceans Conference took place on March 3 in Corner Brook. Conferences are also scheduled for Labrador and on the Burin Peninsula later in the year.