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Grenfell changes commenced

Changes to the management structure and a significant infusion of new funding are marking the start of a new era at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Memorial University’s campus in Corner Brook.

Memorial’s Board of Regents has started to implement the changes regarding the management structure at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College that were recommended by the provincial government in December.

The board has approved the recommendation that the position of principal of Grenfell be re-titled vice-president (Corner Brook) and appointed acting principal Dr. Holly Pike to the position. The title is temporary until the renaming of the college is resolved. The board also approved the creation of a secretariat to assist in the transition process.

To oversee the changes Dr. Chris Loomis, Memorial’s president (pro tem), has created a Task Force on Renewed Governance Structure for Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. Dr. Loomis serves as the chair and other committee members include Dr. Pike; Dr. William Iams, acting vice-principal of Grenfell; Dr. Reeta Tremblay, vice-president (academic) pro tem; Kent Decker, vice-president (administration and finance); and Glenn Collins, advisor to the Board.

The task force has met three times and among other activities has commenced the process to fill the new positions on the secretariat which include a director, associate director of administration and finance, associate director of communications and executive assistant. All these positions were recently advertised and are expected to be filled relatively quickly.

Additional funding has been provided to the college by government to address important priorities. A sum of $1.76 million is allocated for student recruitment and marketing initiatives. A further $1.6 million is allocated to support the secretariat, research growth, student support and administrative support services to Grenfell. And a further $1.6 million will eliminate Grenfell’s operating deficit.

The task force is also forming four committees to support its work, with specific focus on academic matters, research, administration and finance, and communications and nomenclature.

“These committees, working with the task force, will identify areas for positive change,” said Dr. Loomis, chair of the task force. “Our shared goal is to build Grenfell by increasing enrolment, growing the research program and enhancing campus facilities in Corner Brook. We are very pleased that we have the full support of government towards meeting those objectives.”