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Process partnership

From left, Dr. Faisal Khan, Glenn Janes, Mark MacLeod and Dr. Christopher Loomis at the announcement regarding a partnership between Chevron Canada, RDC and Memorial.

By Jackey Locke

A partnership between Chevron Canada, Memorial University and the Research and Development Corporation (RDC) announced Feb. 19 in St. John’s will result in a new Process Engineering Design and Research Laboratory on the St. John’s campus.

Each of the three partners will contribute $50,000 to make the laboratory a reality.

Chevron Canada’s Atlantic Canada manager, Mark MacLeod, also announced that Chevron Corporation has selected Memorial University to join its University Partnership Program (UPP), which includes about 100 schools worldwide. Memorial is the first university in Canada selected for this program.

The mandate of the Chevron UPP is to explore with select universities around the world ways in which collaborative work can be done to deliver tomorrow’s energy by cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. Chevron’s intent is to make this partnership a multi-year arrangement, subject to annual budgetary appropriations.

“Chevron is very pleased to partner with Memorial in this manner and the university was selected for a number of reasons,” said Mr. MacLeod. “Memorial has been a key source of Chevron employee talent in recent years, it has a range of undergraduate and graduate programs relevant to our industry, and it will be a key partner in our research and development plans.”

To initiate the partnership with Memorial, $50,000 has been allocated from the Chevron UPP. Coupled with the matching contributions from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial and RDC, the total investment of $150,000 will be used to develop the laboratory facility, provide required computer hardware and software, support design projects, and pay stipends to students and engineers working on projects.

“It is a distinct honour for Memorial to be selected as the first university in Canada to be a partner in this worldwide program,” said Dr. Christopher Loomis, president and vice-chancellor pro tempore of Memorial. “This new Process Engineering Design and Research Laboratory will help students prepare for work in the energy sector and connect the work of senior researchers at Memorial with our industry partners. It is a welcome development which will pay dividends to the university, our faculty and most importantly, our students.”

“Research and development in this new laboratory will help address the unique technical challenges that process industries face in Newfoundland and Labrador given our harsh environment,” said Glenn Janes, chief executive officer of the RDC. “Through the Industrial Research and Innovation Fund (IRIF), we are pleased to partner with Chevron and Memorial to invest in the province’s growing process engineering industry