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Papers and Presentations

Drs. Steve Carr, Biology, and Matt Rise, OSC, gave invited seminars at the International Plant and Animal Genomics XVIII conference, held in San Diego, California, from Jan. 9-13. Dr Carr's presentation at the Conservation and Population Genomics workshop, Iterative DNA Sequencing on Microarrays: A Nextgen Biotechnology for Ecological, Conservation, and Evolutionary Mitogenomics, describes recent research on the genetic structure of the Newfoundland codfish, harp seals, caribou, and wolffish fishery, made possible by a new method of DNA sequencing developed at MUN. Dr. Rise organized the two-day aquaculture workshop, and spoke on Functional Genomic Research on Atlantic Cod Responses to Heat Stress and Immune Stimuli, one aspect of MUN’s large-scale cod aquaculture genomics project. IPAG is the premier international forum for presentation of the latest practical developments and results in the field of genomics, the study of complete gene sequences in plants and animals, and was attended by more than 2,100 scientists representing more than 80 countries.

Dr. James P. Feehan, professor of Economics, has had a research paper titled Capital-tax Financing and Scale Economies in Public-input Production accepted for publication. It will appear in the forthcoming issue of the journal Regional Science and Urban Economics. The paper, which deals with the interaction between public investment in infrastructure and the taxes that finance that investment, was co-authored with Professor Mutsumi Matsumoto of Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.