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Board approves changes to Grenfell governance

The Board of Regents has begun to implement changes to Grenfell College’s management structure recommended by the provincial government in December.

At its Feb. 8 meeting, the board approved the recommendations that the position of principal of Grenfell College be re-titled vice-president (Corner Brook) and appointed Dr. Holly Pike to that renamed position. Like the vice-president (research) and vice-president (finance and administration), the vice-president (Corner Brook) has been invited to attend meetings of the Board of Regents.

In addition, the board agreed to create the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Secretariat and approved the creation of a Task Force on Renewed Governance Structure for Sir Wilfred Grenfell College to oversee the implantation of these initiatives.

The board also recommended changes to its own ad hoc Committee to Strengthen Governance to accomplish the tasks outlined in the board submission.

The board was acting on recommendations announced Dec. 16 by the provincial government to increase the independence of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and facilitate its growth.