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Tribute Awards for active retirees

Do you know a Memorial retiree who makes a real contribution to the Memorial community or to the community at large? This year, shine a spotlight on their efforts and nominate them for a 2009 Memorial University of Newfoundland Pensioners’ Association Tribute Award.

Esteemed past recipients of the award have included Charles Rennie, Carmen Mews, Ferris Hodgett and D.V. Reddy. With countless retirees diligently serving their communities into their retirement years, there will be no shortage of potential winners to choose from this year.

Who’s working to make life better for others? Who’s focused on those who need support and guidance? Often, it’s Memorial retirees who are going above and beyond using their time and talents to benefit those who need it most. Make a tribute to a Memorial retiree with a 2009 Tribute Award.

Acknowledge and celebrate the work of a retired Memorial employee and detail the service or achievement which you believe qualifies them for the award. An awards sub-committee will narrow down nominations into a shortlist by September.

If you are inspired by the work of a retiree, honour him or her with a nomination for this award. Make a tribute to a Memorial retiree with a 2009 Tribute Award. Information is available online at or by contacting MUNPA at or phoning 737-6979 by July 31, 2009.