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Dr. Amin A. Muhammad, professor of psychiatry, is author of two recent publications and made three keynote presentations at conferences in Pakistan during December 2008. Karo-Kari: A form of honor killing in Pakistan, was published in the Dec. 8, 2008, edition of Transcultural Psychiatry. The article, Aftermath of child abuse: Need to reduce the burden of morbidity, was published in the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 2008, Vol. 58, No 12. Dr. Muhammad visited Pakistan during December where his book Weather of Pain was launched Dec. 15. This book deals with true stories about mentally ill people who underwent social adversities – the narration is in the form of short stories glazed with fiction. On Dec. 17 he conducted a seminar on Prevention of Mental Illness with Focus on Depression at the Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi. On Dec. 20 he presented a keynote address titled Mental illness among Psychiatrists at the National Science Conference held at the Karachi University. On Dec. 21 he presented a talk on Beyond Child Abuse: Challenges Ahead at the Child Rights Conference held at College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan.