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Grenfell student union promotes compost bins on campus

By Pamela Gill

The Grenfell College Student Union is promoting the use of several new compost bins for the benefit of on-campus student residents.

The bins, purchased from city by the environmental affairs committee, are “an attempt to increase green activities on campus,” said Terry Randell, president of the GCSU.

“People seem to really want them,” he said. “I think there’s a willingness on campus to do this.”

A total of 12 bins have been installed for the chalet apartments and residence wings. Grenfell College’s Maintenance Department supported the initiative by taking care of the physical instalment of the compost bins.

“The environment is always an important issue, not just with the Environmental Affairs Committee, but with the student body as a whole,” added Andy Woolridge, GCSU vice-president external and chair of the Environmental Affairs Committee.

He said any investment that will further efforts of recycling and conservation is not only a worthy investment, but a necessary one.

“These compost bins will not only cut down on the waste we produce but also give back to the environment in the form of fertile soil and an even more beautiful campus setting. It is a win-win situation,” he said.