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Evolution and Innovation: MI launches annual review

By Stephanie Barrett

The Marine Institute has officially launched Evolution and Innovation: Marine Institute Annual Review 2007-2008.

This year’s annual review has been published as an online brochure. The theme of evolution and innovation highlights the Marine Institute’s (MI) major accomplishments over the past year and underscores how MI is leading the way in developing the ocean technology sector here at home and around the world.

The stories included showcases the exceptional people that make the institute what it is and the outstanding facilities that have allowed us to build an exceptional reputation as an educational and research innovator.

The report also touches on the institute’s collaborative culture that ensures it continues to grow and foster productive partnerships to achieve excellence in teaching, training and research.

The report contains an array of statistics on employees, fiscal information, enrolment and scholarships.

Learn how MI is working towards its goal of becoming the premier world’s ocean institute and how it is continuing to redefine itself as it addresses the needs of education, industrial training and applied research in the global oceans economy by view the full report online at