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Major move

By Jeff Green

Logging onto your laptop to check your e-mail has just gotten a whole lot easier in various corners of Memorial’s campus.

The Department of Computing and Communications (C&C) has completed a major enhancement to its wireless network and are adding more access points – zones where people can use wireless devices like laptops.

“Students will see a better wireless service on campus,” said Todd Farrell, acting manger of communications with C&C. “We are seeing fewer issues with connectivity problems in high-use areas. It will allow us to grow the network further, extending coverage in to new areas or improving coverage in existing wireless areas.”

An additional 100 access points have been added around campus in places such as the newly-renovated Barnes House. Work is also near completion in Burke and Squires House in Paton College, while officials are hoping to expand coverage in high-demand areas such as the University Centre and the QE II Library.

“The previous network had reached the point where we could no longer add additional coverage nor could we manage certain aspects of the network as efficiently as we would have liked,” said Mr. Farrell.

“The changes have greatly improved both our ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems and do reporting on wireless network usage.”

The improvements were part of C&C’s ambitious five-year project to completely rebuild Memorial’s wireless network, extending the capacity and adding new technologies.

The recent work completed phase one of the expansion.

The wireless network is an integral part of Memorial’s Digital Campus Project, a major initiative that will – in part – allow units and departments to seamlessly conduct electronic transactions, acquire and provide content and communicate with each other. Although some areas of campus still do not have wireless coverage, or have limited access, Mr. Farrell said C&C is working to change that.

“The wireless network is a critical part of the student environment,” he said. “We currently have over 10,000 active wireless accounts and that number is growing monthly. We have seen continued increase in the usage of the wireless network around campus, especially in the residences, library, and University Centre, and full expect the usage to continue to increase.”