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SIFE Memorial

The whole SIFE World Cup 2008 Team Back Row: Dana Noseworthy, Ryan Gosse, Nick Hounsell, Jason Oakley, Johnathon Earle, Michael Harris, Michael Wadden, Jessica Penton, Lynn Morrissey (faculty advisor), Adam Hiscock, Adam Fitzpatrick, Preston Aitken, Heidi Williams, Amanda Coish, Lauren Tobin. Front Row: Ryan Hopkins, Liam Kelly, Sarah Fisher, Will Penney, MaryBeth Handrigan, Haroon Iqbal, Lisa Smart, Arlene O’Keefe

Global Champions

By Meaghan Whelan

Half way around the world, the rafters were ringing with applause and roars of approval when SIFE Memorial was named champion of the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) World Cup.

This group, formerly known as ACE Memorial, has dedicated countless hours to transforming their community through the power of business. The World Cup is their opportunity to showcase their hard work and the impact they’ve had on their community in the past year.

Dr. Gary Gorman, dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, was in Singapore for the competition. “I am completely elated for these students,” he said. “I know how hard they worked and the pressure they were under.

“They deserve this recognition and it’s an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the quality of programs at Memorial. It speaks to the quality of our students, their commitment and the coaching and mentoring they get from Lynn Morrissey, the faculty advisor.”

Armed with thousands of Canadian flags, Purity treats and a stuffed moose, the team networked with their counterparts from all regions of the world, making plans for expanding programs and enjoying the camaraderie of the event.

“I don’t think anyone comes close to SIFE Memorial in terms of building relationships with other teams. They brought 2,000 Canadian flags with them and at the awards ceremony, there were flags everywhere and a whispered chant of ‘Canada’ all around the room before the overall winner was even announced,” explained Dr. Gorman. “The entire audience was behind them and I think that speaks to how well they handle themselves.”

The 2009 World Cup takes place in Berlin and even at their celebratory dinner the team was discussing ideas for new projects and making plans for the future. As Dr. Gorman said, “they aren’t arrogant, but they are truly exceptional at setting goals and seeing them through to fruition.

Liam Kelly

Left to Right: Sarah Fisher, Amanda Coish, Nick Hounsell,
Jessica Penton

Ryan Hopkins and MaryBeth Handrigan

Michael Harris, Haroon Iqbal (centre),
Heidi Williams