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Memorial receives more than $1.5 million in SSHRC funding

The Government of Canada announced a $202.2 million investment in research by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Of the $1,653,792 awarded to Memorial University, $826,896 will support the work of 11 researchers through SSHRC’s Standard Research Grants Program, and $187,462 will specifically support research in the areas of management, business and finance over the next three years.

In addition, seven doctoral students have received a total of $660,000 in fellowship support. A further $2,047,500 in Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships has been awarded to other master’s and doctoral students at Memorial University.

“This funding announcement reflects the wealth of creative scholarship that exists in the humanities and social sciences at Memorial University,” said Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research). “With these additional investments, our researchers and students will further our understanding of the increasingly complex social, economic, and political world in which we live and work, and builds upon the people, knowledge and entrepreneurial advantages of our province and country.”

“Our government is committed to fostering world-class Canadian research and increasing the supply of highly qualified and globally connected graduates that businesses need to succeed in today’s economy,” said James Moore, Secretary of State. “We can have all the robust technologies in the world, but we need the social sciences and humanities to know how to harness them and interpret them from a human perspective, so that they translate into tangible, everyday benefits for society.”

Standard Research Grants
• Dr. Stuart Durrant, Department of German and Russian, $42,696. Unpublished correspondence of D.V. Filosofov 1872-1940.

• Dr. Pricilla Renouf, Department of Anthropology & Archaeology, $118,361. Dorset palaeoeskimo sealskin working at Phillip's Garden, north western Newfoundland.

• Dr. Stephan Curtis, Department of History, $65,000. The arrival and diffusion of medical knowledge in Sweden during the 19th-century.

• Drs. Julie Brittain, Carrie Dyck, Marguerite MacKenzie and Yvan Rose, Department of Linguistics, $111,848. The role of heads in the L1 acquisition of a polysynthetic language.

• Drs. Morgan Gardner and Ursula Kelly, Faculty of Education, $83,541. Youth engagement in educational change.

• Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, Faculty of Business, $57,088. A study of agile practices in using the unified modeling language.

• Dr. Omrane Guedhami along with Dr. Jeffrey Pittman, Faculty of Business, $95,000. Owner ship structure, ownership identity and auditor choice: international evidence.

• Dr. Jane Gosine, Faculty of Music, $47,794. Music from 17th century France: an examination of music by Marc-Antoine Charpentier and André Campra.

• Dr. Peter Song, Faculty of Business, $78,000. Lead-time demand characterization in price- setting supply chains.

• Dr. Gerard Van Herk, Department: Linguistics, $58,363. Urbanization and rapid change in Newfoundland English.

• Dr. Jeffrey Pittman along with Dr. Omrane Gued hami, Faculty of Business, $69,205. Empirical evidence on the corporate governance role of tax enforcement.

Management, Business and Finance
• Dr. Omrane Guedhami. Multiple large share holders and corporate governance. Three years: $150,000.

• Dr. Tom Cooper. What is strategic risk: examining strategic risk management. One year: $37,462.

• Dr. Gordon Cooke. Comparative analysis of the employee effects on non-standard work schedules. $93,000.