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Dr. Neil B. Bishop, Department of French and Spanish, won First Prize in the 2008 John Dryden Translation Competition, organized jointly by the British Centre for Literary Translation and the British Association for Comparative Literature. The John Dryden Translation Competition is perhaps the most prestigious and competitive translation competition extant, attracting leading literary translators the world over. The awards ceremony took place in the United Kingdom, July 21. Dr. Bishop's submission consisted of his English translation of the majority of poems in En longues rivières cachées by St. John's Francophone poet Annick Perrot-Bishop. Literary translation, an art of equal value to other creative activities, is indispensible to allow mutual discovery and better intercultural understanding and appreciation among the many cultures our planet offers. Dr. Bishop was a finalist for the Governor General's literary translation award, and placed fourth in an earlier edition of the Dryden Competition. In his main academic area – literary analysis – Dr. Bishop is the only person to whom the Association des Professeurs de français des universités et collèges canadiens has awarded both its prize for Best Scholarly Article and its prize for Best Scholarly Book. He has completed his translation of Ms. Perrot-Bishop's En longues rivières cachées and hopes to see his translation published.