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Saying good luck to the dean of business

By Meaghan Whelan

On July 31, Dr. Gary Gorman will step down after seven years of serving as dean of the Faculty of Business. Under his leadership the faculty has added new programs, increased international opportunities for students and heightened the profile of faculty research.

If you ask Dr. Gorman about these accomplishments, he will quickly point out the efforts of other people.

“The faculty has been so fortunate to have a great group of faculty and staff,” he said. “We’ve created important new positions and built up our faculty and staff complement. That is what makes everything happen as far as I’m concerned.

“If you have the right people and you give them the opportunity to pursue the things they really want to see happen, my role as dean becomes really easy.”
Faculty and staff however, know that his energy and passion were essential to the growth and success of the faculty in recent years.

Dr. Jeffrey Parsons is the associate dean of research for the Faculty of Business, and he credits Dr. Gorman with helping the faculty grow its research capacity.

“Gary was a champion for increasing the research intensity and profile of the faculty. He recognized the importance of increasing the quality and quantity of research being done here, and was a strong advocate during the development of the PhD program,” he explained.

“By and large I must say there is very little about the job that I haven’t enjoyed and I know I’m going to miss it,” he said. He is also quick to point out that he is not retiring. “Everyone thinks that I’m leaving for good, but that is not the case at all. It seemed like the timing was right to step down as dean, so that’s what I’ve done.”

He is looking forward to his sabbatical and plans on developing new courses for the faculty, deciding on a new research agenda and getting back into the classroom.