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Rant like Rick winners announced

The winners of this year’s Rant like Rick contest were announced at a special awards ceremony held on the St. John’s campus April 27.

Elizabeth Hann from St. John’s won the Rant like Rick Award valued at $10,000. Melanie Hoskins of St. John’s and Stacy Gagnidze of Calgary, Alberta, won the runner-up prizes of free tuition for two semesters at Memorial.

“We are thrilled with the results of this year’s contest,” says Shona Perry-Maidment, acting director of student recruitment. “The response from across Canada was overwhelming and the creativity and talent that was displayed in the entries was truly remarkable.”

A Grade 12 French immersion student at Holy Heart of Mary High School, Elizabeth Hann’s rant was inspired by the chaos surrounding high school graduation. She says that “people need to relax, especially when it comes to the forming of Facebook groups back in September detailing which girl ‘owns’ a particular dress when graduation isn’t until June!”

A Grade 11 student at Prince of Wales Collegiate, Melanie Hoskin’s says she used the Rant like Rick contest to “vent her frustration on the lack of transAtlantic air service in Newfoundland after recently being stranded at both the Toronto and Montreal airports.”

A Grade 12 student at Western Canada High School, Stacy Gagnidze’s rant was a light-hearted commentary on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hair. Stacy says that “it’s no secret that many Canadians don’t like Stephen Harper, but when you ask why, not many people have a good solid answer. I decided to find a small detail that could deem Stephen Harper unpopular, so I chose his hair. It has stayed the same since 1985!”

“Rant like Rick gives prospective students an opportunity to interact and connect with the spirit of Memorial,” said Michael Pickard, associate director of marketing. “Once again this year we took a modern approach, posting ads on Facebook and asking students to upload their entries to YouTube.”

The Rant like Rick campaign is based on the concept of Rick Mercer’s rant component of his show The Rick Mercer Report. In total, 108 entries were received including 50 entries from the Grade 11 and 12 classes at St. Bonaventure’s College in St. John’s, NL.

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