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People power

The Jeroboam and Gregory J. Power Awards for Poetry were
presented at a ceremony hosted by the Department of English in the Junior Common Room April 8. This year’s winners are Randy Drover who was awarded The Jeroboam Poetry Prize, for a poem on a Newfoundland or Labrador theme, for Ugjoktok–1940; Lynette Adams, who took first place in the Gregory J. Power Award for her poem The Second Sight; Randy Drover, again, who received the second place Power Award for The Barber’s Apprentice; Kyle
Carpenter, with the third place Power Award, for Ferrying; and Nigel Jenkins, with an honourable mention in the Power Award, for Twilight. Here from left are Lynette Adams, Nigel Jenkins, Randy Drover and Kyle Carpenter. Listen to the winners read their work at Memorial’s podcast page,