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Dr. Daniel MacPhee, BioMedical Sciences, has won a 2009 Certificate of Merit Award from the Canadian Association of Medical Education (CAME) for his contributions to medical education at Memorial University. Along with 35 other Canadian winners, he will be recognized at the upcoming CAME Annual General Meeting in Edmonton, in conjunction with the 2009 Canadian Conference on Medical Education, on May 4.

Dr. Aimée Surprenant, a professor with the Department of Psychology, has been appointed director-at-large on the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) board of directors. The seat is reserved for an NSERC scientist and is a one year term. As a member of the Board of CPA, she is interested in finding ways to strengthen the ties between basic and applied research areas in Canadian Psychology. Dr. Surprenant is the director of Memorial University’s CFI and NSERC funded Cognitive Aging and Memory Laboratory. Her research focuses on the effects of noise on memory as well as the impact of age-related sensory decline on memory. She is an author or co-author on over 25 refereed articles as well as editor or author of four books. She is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, Memory and Cognition, and the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology.