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Political science students turn publishers

By Janet Harron

A new online student journal focusing on politics will be published at the end of April, thanks to the enterprise of a group of political science undergraduates. Mapping Politics will serve as a map to the varied and unique political perspectives of students at Memorial.

“The idea for a student journal in political science has been floating around for several months now,” said Jillian Terry, editor of Mapping Politics. “Me and some other senior students started discussing it more seriously this past fall, when we found ourselves applying to graduate programs and wishing that we had publications to list on our application for schools and scholarships.

“The idea really took off when we discussed it with assistant professor Amanda Bittner at the end of last year, who encouraged us to get started right away and provided us with the full support of the department.”

The editorial board, headed by Ms. Terry, is consulting with Dr. Amanda Bittner on submissions and is looking at the possibility of a reviewing panel consisting of three anonymous student reviewers, which would make for a standardized, peer reviewed selection process. They are expecting submissions to be focused on a variety of areas, including Canadian politics, international relations, issues of gender, comparative politics, and political behaviour.

Ms. Terry is not sure at this point how many papers will be published.

“It depends on length and topic choice – we want the process to remain competitive but we would like to give as many Memorial students as possible the chance to say that they have had their academic work published.”

Mapping Politics will initially be published online through the Political Science website but the editorial team is also investigating the possibility of printing at least one copy for inclusion in the university library archives.

The overall reaction to the annual journal has been extremely positive to date and the editors have received submissions from students in a variety of disciplines. The deadline for submission and for applications for the assistant editor’s position is March 15. Students are encouraged submit 500 to 5,000 words papers on any topic relating to politics. For more information please visit and click on the Mapping Politics link.