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Papers & presentations

Three Grenfell Historical Studies majors travelled to Halifax the weekend of Jan. 23-25 to present papers at the 3rd annual AUUHCC (Atlantic Universities Undergraduate History and Classics Conference – link: ). The conference was hosted this year by University of King’s College. Presenting were Josh Tavenor: Venice, Acre, and the Complexity of the Crusades; Dan Monafu: Religious Tolerance in Balthasar Hubmaier's Hermeneutics; and Carolynne Gabriel: The Effects of the Ottoman Turks on Charles V’s Reformation Policies.

Dr. Christopher Kovacs, Medicine, is author of two books on noted multiple-award-winning fiction/fantasy author Roger Zelazny, who died in 1995. The two volumes were launched recently at a science fiction convention in Boston. There will be four more volumes in the collection, which brings together all of the short fiction and poetry of Zelazny. Dr. Kovacs has written annotations for the stories and poems and assembled [together] “author's commentary” following many of the pieces, with the comments taken from interviews and essays across the span of Zelazny’s career. He also researched and wrote a detailed biography of Zelazny’s life, which runs about 120,000 words and uses about 500 references. The biography has been split into six parts, one for each volume. Many obscure and previously unpublished stories and poems are in this collection; they were obtained by Dr. Kovacs researching and visiting various university archives and other sources. An excerpt of the biography was just published in the February 2009 issue of the literary journal The New York Review of Science Fiction. Information about the books is available at