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Rothermere Fellow focuses on cryptography

In a world of online banking and cellular phones, the security of personal information is a hot topic of conversation. Jonathan Anderson, who received the Rothermere Fellowship last month, is helping to put security worries to rest.
One of Memorial’s most prestigious awards will allow the second-year master’s student to do his doctoral program at the University of Cambridge where he’ll study network security.

“It’s about managing confidentiality, authentication, knowing who’s who, and other security concerns in networked environments,” said Mr. Anderson.

A resident of St. John’s since the age of six, he became involved in cryptography when he was selected for a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Undergrad Student Research Assistantship – an experience that convinced him he wanted to pursue graduate studies in cryptography.

The Rothermere Fellowship was established by Lord Rothermere, Memorial’s first chancellor, and includes university fees, a personal maintenance stipend, and other expenses such as return air travel to the United Kingdom.

To be eligible, candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree at Memorial and have completed, or be about to complete, a master’s degree either at Memorial or at another North American university.

Mr. Anderson has a bachelor of engineering degree from Memorial and recently submitted his master’s thesis, titled Side Channel Analysis of Stream Cipher Hardware.

Mr. Anderson said he plans to pursue an academic career where he can continue both his teaching and his research.