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Student Aid service now toll-free
Accessing information and updates on student loans just got easier with the introduction of a toll-free phone number. Joan Burke, minister of Education, said that improvements to the system mean when students call during regular work hours to speak with a student aid representative, they can do so free of charge.

“Prior to this, the toll-free line simply provided access to the automated system,” said Minister Burke. “If students wanted to speak to someone at the student aid office, those outside the St. John’s area incurred long-distance charges. This was an onerous, and I believe unnecessary, expense.
“Many students need to speak directly with a student aid official and I am pleased that from now on they can do so without incurring long-distance charges.”

Improving the toll-free service at the student aid office was made possible through investments made in the 2008 provincial budget. More than $280,000 was provided to improve services to students under the student aid program, part of the additional $27 million allocated for the post-secondary education system this year.

To speak to a student aid representative, students can call toll-free 1-888-657-0800. Students are also encouraged to continue to use other available services such as e-mail (, web-based services ( or visit the student aid office located in Coughlan College on MUN campus.

Seeking the next Galbraith Lecturer
Nominations are currently being solicited for the next Galbraith Lecturer. Members of the Memorial University community, as well as of the community at large, are invited to submit the names of individuals with a national or international reputation, who, could deliver a lecture on a topic of public policy.

The most recent Lecturer was Geir Haarde, Prime Minister of Iceland. Previous lecturers included Margaret MacMillan, author of Nixon in China and 1919: Six Months that Changed the World; Ken Carty of the University of British Columbia, an expert on electoral reform; and Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe and Mail.

Nominations should contain the name of the proposed speaker and a one-page brief on why this is an appropriate choice. The nomination should also include the name and contact information of the nominator. The deadline is Friday, Aug. 8, and nominations should be addressed to the Harris Centre at

Out of respect for the dignity and reputation of nominees, the selection of the Galbraith Lecturer is by nature a confidential process. As a consequence, nominees are not informed that they are under consideration. With the exception of the selected lecturer, the outcome of any individual nomination is not released. As a result, in making a nomination, please ensure that the nominee is unaware of the nomination.

More information is available about the Galbraith Lecture by visiting the Harris Centre’s website at

Aughey steps down
After eight seasons at the helm of Memorial’s men’s basketball team, Todd Aughey has resigned as head coach last month. Mr. Aughey cited a desire to explore new opportunities as the reason for the decision.

He also indicated that he feels that the program will benefit from new leadership at this time.

Michelle Healey, director of Athletics at Memorial, indicated that Mr. Aughey’s dedication and commitment to the program was exemplary.

“Memorial men’s basketball program moved in a new direction with the hiring of Todd Aughey,” she said. “Todd brought us a level of commitment, dedication, energy and passion that we had never been exposed to. His tireless work ethic had him involved in multiple projects all the time and every ounce of energy was committed to making our program better.”

Memorial immediately began the process to initiate a search for a new men’s basketball head coach.