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No project too big or too small

Reputation of master’s certificate program grows on the west coast

By Pamela Gill

It’s 8 a.m. at the Pepsi Centre in Corner Brook and the warm smell of eggs, sausage and fresh rolls is wafting through the air. The folks at Grenfell College’s Community Education and College Relations are hoping that the way to soon-to-be project managers’ hearts is through their stomachs.

The special breakfast information session explaining the merits of the Master’s Certificate in Project Management is well attended – individuals from all walks of life have come to hear how they can get serious about the projects they manage on a daily basis.

“Sessions like this allow people to get a sense of the importance of the program and what people get out of it,” said Patricia Watson, east coast program director of the master’s certificate program at Schulich School of Business, York University, following the session. “People need to know how they can transfer the knowledge back into the real world.”

The master’s certificate program is being offered in partnership with the Centre for Management Development, Memorial University, and York University, Schulich Executive Education Centre. The next nine-module intensive program will get underway on Oct. 15, 2008.

“The biggest benefit is not advertising – it’s word of mouth,” said Bill Morrissey, director of the centre for Management Development at Memorial’s St. John’s campus. “This program is a big commitment – people want to hear from those who organize the program and from people who’ve completed it.”

In addition to Watson and Morrissey, two graduates of the 2007 program presented at the information session.

“Our first offering of this program was a huge success,” says Marilyn Forward, program developer at Community Education. “We have prepared individuals to tackle any significant project.”

And the master’s certificate in project management isn’t just for engineers and software designers. Participants who’ve completed the program know that their new knowledge can be applied across the board, no matter what the scope or type of project they’re dealing with.

For instance, said Watson, “someone involved in theatre could apply their knowledge – if a project has a budget, a timeframe and deliverables,” it fits the bill.

“There is enthusiasm in Corner Brook,” she said. “People here are very interested.”

For more information about the next offering in Corner Brook, contact Marilyn Forward at 709-637-6207 or email