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Kilimanjaro climbers

The Memorial flag proudly swayed in the wind atop of the world’s highest free-standing, snow-covered equatorial peak last month. That’s when a team of 10 – including eight women from this province – reached the peak of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro which is a staggering 19,340 feet (5,895 metres) high. The team included, from left, alumna Diane Rendell, Marian Wissink, who works in the Department of Computer Science, Dr. TA Loeffler from the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Abigail Steel, a PhD student in engineering, and alumna Flora Seymour. Other teammates included alumna Wanda Highmore, as well as Leslie Grattan, Ann Marie Lane and Americans Karen Warren and Nancy Andrew. “It was thrilling when the entire team made it to the top – it made the accomplishment all the sweeter,” said Dr. Loeffler. “We gathered around the summit marker and sang the Ode to Newfoundland ... between the thin air and the tears streaking our faces it was quite a feat. We figure we now hold the record for the highest signing of the Ode.”