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Research gets $5-million boost

Essential growth

By Michelle Osmond

Memorial University researchers have received $5,073,122 from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador through its Industrial Research and Innovation Fund (IRIF).

A number of research projects including insect behaviour, ocean habitats, pollution in the far North, physician retention, bone implants, the effects of nutraceuticals, birth defects, and hypertension will receive funding.

Announced May 14 on the St. John’s campus, the 20 research projects have a total value of more than $26 million leveraging $5.14 for every dollar invested by the provincial government.

“Research and development is the basis for knowledge development and is essential in fostering innovative and competitive economies,” said Trevor Taylor, minister of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development.

“The provincial government is focused on strengthening research excellence and the R&D capacity of our universities and colleges.”

Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research) at Memorial said this will go a long way to ensure our research continues to grow and remain a core function of the university. “It is essential to our growth as a major university in Canada, and our ability to attract the best minds,” said Dr. Loomis.

“Funding from the Industrial Research and Innovation Fund has transformed our ability to attract new federal and private sector investments in support of research and our graduate students. These projects, which are the latest examples of that success, will yield important benefits to the province, the country and indeed the world.”

For a list of the projects awarded under IRIF, see