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Moving ahead

University continues to promote e-mail policy and Digital Campus Project

By Jeff Green

Build it and they will come.

That’s the response the Department of Computing and Communications (C&C) is witnessing nine months into Memorial’s new single e-mail policy.

But university officials are now reminding students – particularly those wanting to e-mail specific departments and units with questions over the summer – their e-mails must be sent through accounts with one of the official Memorial domain names –, or – rather than Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! accounts.

The policy is a key component of the university’s Digital Campus Project, a major initiative that will – in part – allow units and departments to seamlessly conduct electronic transactions, acquire and provide content and communicate with each other.

“C&C is very pleased with the student implementation – it is working very well,” said Denise Jones, manager of the Project Management Office with the department.

“We are now moving on with the implementation of the policy for faculty and staff. A major part of this project will be communications with the university community – including focus sessions, general presentation and university-wide committees. Feedback from these venues will be incorporated into improving the central e-mail service. C&C is very pleased to be leading the university in this worthwhile initiative.”

The department is emphasizing that the new policy is important because it provides Memorial with a formal, reliable and secure means of e-mail communication with students, faculty and staff.

C&C will be working with faculty and employees over the coming months to ensure that everyone has an official e-mail address compliant with the policy. It will also work with each of the other e-mail services on campus to help ease the conversion and move accounts and data to the official e-mail addresses. As with the student project, there will be a self-service process for faculty and staff to choose a new e-mail address such as

More information for faculty and staff will be issued in the coming months. Notices and advertising will be placed in Memorial publications and a poster campaign will be launched.

To learn more about the new single e-mail policy visit
/single_email_policy.php, while more information about the Digital Campus Project is online at Anybody with questions on either project can contact the Computing and Communications Help Centre, located in room HH-2012, at 737-4595 or