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Bridging success

Luke Maddigan By Kelly Foss

Luke Maddigan always wanted to study geology, but after graduating from high school he discovered his grades weren’t quite good enough to get him into Memorial University. Rather than give up on his dream, the St. John’s student decided to enrol in MUN’s bridging program, a second chance for students who missed the admission requirements by five per cent or less. Offered by the Division of Lifelong Learning, the program allows students who pass the 10-day intensive program to register for courses in the fall semester.

“The bridging program simply opened my eyes,” said Mr. Maddigan. “It was basically a two week review of some of the major topics you’ve learned throughout high school. But more importantly, it made students interact and that was always the hardest part for me – I was very shy before I first started university.”

Thanks to the bridging program, Mr. Maddigan is about to graduate with a B.Sc. (honours) in Earth Sciences and he’s enrolled this fall to begin his master’s. His studies have also enabled him to become more comfortable speaking in public and to large audiences.

His advice for students who find themselves in the same position as he was after high school?

“Don’t overload yourself with work during your first few semesters,” said Mr. Maddigan. “If you’re unsure which career you want to pursue only take three or four courses. There’s no need to rush through your first year.

“The more work you put into something the more you get out. Always take pride in your work and try not to settle for anything less than your best.”