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Respectful workplace policy launched

by Shannon Dawson

Acceptance. Tolerance. Diversity. Respect. Dignity. All concepts highlighted in Memorial’s Respectful Workplace Policy and encouraged as policy and practice campus-wide. Well, there will now be a respectful workplace day to correspond with World Day for Cultural Diversity on May 21, 2008. The United Nations have identified May 21 as a day of awareness for cultural diversity for dialogue and development.

On May 21 at each main entrance on campus, from 8-9:15 a.m., representatives will greet employees with a smile, information about the policy, reference material and a mug. A coffee break will also be co-ordinated between 10:30-11 a.m. to provide additional information about the training schedule and answer questions. This respectful workplace day broadly communicates the policy and provides access for more information. A co-ordinated effort with Marine Institute and Grenfell College has begun.

The complete respectful workplace policy including principles, values and procedures is available online at

Informational sessions with each unit are being co- ordinated and delivered by the Department of Human Resources and the Office of Faculty Relations, the two administrators of this policy. Each unit is being scheduled for a two-hour familiarization session to ensure understanding, adoption and high participation rates. All participants in training will receive a Work With Me Here shirt.

For additional information regarding this policy, contact Claude Horlick, associate director of Human Resources, at 737-4766 or Morgan Cooper, director of Faculty Relations, at 737-4732.

Work With Me Here encourages understanding and action as we advance the culture of Memorial.